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Giovanni Incagli


iovanni Incagli qualified accountant and twenty years ago has started his profession as accountant in his father-in-law's firm Aldo Vitartali, who is appreciated and known as professional man and entrepreneur of the real estate sector. Since 1998, Giovanni initially worked as advisor and afterwards as a partner for several and important real estate operations, such as the purchase of Uguccioni Palace at Piazza della Signoria in Florence, built approximately in the 15th century, of Bardi Palace, Via dei Benci in Florence whose initial project dates back to Brunelleschi, and also of the Canneto Farm in the municipality of San Miniato. These operations, together with many others, let Giovanni make a significant experience in the real estate field that he combines with his professional skills that he keeps on developping in his accountant firm where he still works helped by his wife and his five co-workers. - © 2007-2008 Stocks & Bricks srl - Via Capo di Mondo 56/10, 50136 Florence - ITALY - PI 05495020488, Tel 055664410, Fax 055664890 - Powered by