Residenze Italiane - L'arte stessa della vita

Villini della Pineta


orte dei Marmi is the most prestigious tourist resort in Versilia. Since the beginning of the 20th century it has welcomed the most important Italian and foreigh families for their holidays. There are top level bathing establishments. Its town planning development has been strictly ruled to saveguard the landscape that is characterised by the well known pine wood and by the scene consisting of the Apuan Alps. The residential area is plunged into the green and is extremely peaceful. The down town streets are characterised by prestigious shops of the most important international griffes. The prestigious town is the destination of tourists and visitors all the year long, being appealed by the nice climate and by the chance to have walks through a constatly fashionable and animated centre.Villini della Pineta offers two flats in a small villa for two families and a villa with one flat only: they are just 200 meters far from the beach, in a peaceful residential area that is not farer off than 200 meters from the very central piazza Garibaldi, the seat of the well-known blockhouse. All the real estate units are built with luxury finishing and equipments:prestigious marbles, air conditioning, gardens and private parking area. Measurements are included between 95 and 130 square meters. Prices from 1.100.000 Euro.. - © 2007-2008 Stocks & Bricks srl - Via Capo di Mondo 56/10, 50136 Florence - ITALY - PI 05495020488, Tel 055664410, Fax 055664890 - Powered by