Residenze Italiane - L'arte stessa della vita

Palazzo del Vivo


erreto Guidi is historically connected with the Medicis family that chose that place fortheir hunting and stayings in the countryside. Cerreto Guidi, being a city of wine, is included into the Chianti production area. Palazzo del Vivo dates back to 1805 and, during its history, it hosted the Del Vivo family and then became the centre of a wine firm. It is in down town and it underwent a careful conservative restoration that implied the reclaiming of the original ceilings and floors, the use of traditional and precious materials such as terracotta tiles, chestnut wood and durmast; today the Palace offers 15 flats with measurements between 40 and 70 square meters. Prices from 110.000 Euro. - © 2007-2008 Stocks & Bricks srl - Via Capo di Mondo 56/10, 50136 Florence - ITALY - PI 05495020488, Tel 055664410, Fax 055664890 - Powered by