Residenze Italiane - L'arte stessa della vita



here would be many things to do at that age, the most beautiful one. Smelling the air, stretching one’s wings, beating the air and flying off at last. But trust and wish are needed. They need to feel that many precious experiences are waiting for them in the world outside. They are more real and full of life than the ones they look at inside a box made of glass. There is need for something driving them to compete with the world, to run quickly, to commit themselves, to meet new people. There is need for a faraway place in the world to start from and to go back to in quick rounds in wider and wider circles. Year after year. Calmly. Knowing that the near home to go back in the evening is always there. - © 2007-2008 Stocks & Bricks srl - Via Capo di Mondo 56/10, 50136 Florence - ITALY - PI 05495020488, Tel 055664410, Fax 055664890 - Powered by